The Interface That Ties It All Together

With Workstation, you have access to the TPG Software suite of products, including Portfolio Genius, Derivative Genius and Trader, from one easy-to-use user interface. Workstation benefits include:

  • user-defined workspaces
  • dashboards
  • user-defined workflows
  • an engine to define business and data management rules
  • easy setup and maintenance
  • "plug and play" code management to make application updates easier


Dashboard and Workspace

You can design your own layout or, if the component you're looking for isn't there, TPG can create it for you.

Workstation dashboard and workspace

Quick Access Ribbons

Workstation quick access ribbon

You can customize quick access ribbons to provide shortcuts to your most often used functionality. All existing TPG products have shortcuts accessible from the ribbons.


User-defined Workflows

Workstation customizable workflows

Customizable workflows provide you better control of your portfolios. You can set up notifications and approval/rejection processes for a number of workflows, including ticket input (buys, sells, swaps, repos, etc.), updating CUSIPs and position information, setting up and modifying portfolios, etc.


Database Rules Engine and Calendar

Workstation calendar

Workstation is equipped with predefined rules and custom rules can be created. Rules can be scheduled to run at any time.

The rules engine can alert you via email and/or the calendar gadget, and clicking on data alerts within the calendar gadget provides direct access to the item that needs attention.