Trade capture and approval

The Trader Module, TPG’s front office trade capture system, provides real-time position and exposure views with immediate access to underlying trades. Trades can be input manually or imported through spreadsheets.

Trader supports multiple levels of approval and trades can be checked against user-defined investment policy and various risk parameters. And pre-trade due diligence documentation can be saved to the ticket utilizing the Document Storage Tool.

The Trader Module:

  • Captures all buys, sells, calls. short sells, bond buys to cover, repos, reverse repos, equities, derivatives, fundings, etc.
  • Processes exotics and structured products as easily as any vanilla items
  • Provides an array of tools for controlling operational risk while maintaining GAAP and FAS accounting standards

And through the use of the optional Risk Management Module, you can better control risk through the use of user-specified risk calculations, trade limits for users, and customizable compliance alerts.

Add New Open Market Trade Ticket

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