Reconciliation and Collateral Management

Safekeeping Genius provides a real-time, reconciliation and collateral management and processing solution for the accounting and maintenance of customer accounts, tracking payments and safekeeping securities across multiple asset classes, offering breadth as well as depth of functionality.

The Safekeeping Genius system, which is fully integrated with our Portfolio Genius and TPG Trader systems, provides a platform that facilitates daily security safekeeping and processing functions. Features of the Safekeeping Genius system include:

  • Daily transaction entry (receive vs. pay, receive free, deliver vs. pay and deliver free)—users with high trade volumes can import purchases and sales through the optional TPG Data Link module to enhance efficiency
  • Pledge and release securities in various pledging arrangements, such as lendings, advances, options, etc.
  • Payment reconciliation and clearing can be automated by importing custodial intra-day files (Bank of New York, Citibank, etc.), reducing the opportunity for data entry error (system-generated payment projections can also be reconciled to imported custodial projections)
  • Available upstream interfaces to data vendors such as Bloomberg Data License and Interactive Data Corporation automate CUSIP generation
  • Separately permissionable function geared toward safekeeping trade entry
  • Delivery instructions independent of safekeeping location
  • Holdings available to reverse in on repo and be automatically marked as “used for collateral”
  • Reconciliation and collateral management

Safekeeping Genius screenshot

What You Get With the Safekeeping Genius System

Application Security Module

This module provides a logon validation process and works in conjunction with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server security implementations.

P&I Reconciliation Module

This module reconciles the amount of actual cash (principal and interest) received for a holding against anticipated amounts calculated on the holding and CUSIP data.

Pledge/Safekeeping and Collateral Tracking Module

This module provides the ability to reconcile the payments calculated by the system with those actually received.

Report Manager Module

This module provides essential reporting, enabling users to apply filters and set date parameters, create batches, roll reports into holding company reporting, create consolidated reports, create graphs, add custom reports (via Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services), and more.