02.15.2022 WEBINAR | Best in Class Integrated Risk & Accounting Workflows

01.14.2022 Bloomberg Professional Services: How vendor integration enables the best of both worlds for treasury

07.30.2020 TPG Provides SOFR Rate Engine to Transition From LIBOR to SOFR

07.15.2020 TPG to Provide Derivative Valuations via Principia’s pasVal Service

06.30.2020 WEBINAR | TPG-SOFR Functionality for Investment Accounting Operations

03.25.2020 WEBINAR | All About SOFR and Q&A Session

01.29.2020 WEBINAR | CECL Status Update(s), SOFR, Upgrades, and Q&A

01.09.2020 TPG User Conference 2020 is CANCELLED

11.07.2019 SAVE THE DATE - Accounting for Investments using TPG and Bloomberg

10.16.2019 WEBINAR | CECL Status, LIBOR Phase-out, Refinitiv Interface, and the 2020 User Conference

07.29.2019 SAVE THE DATE - TPG User Conference 2020

07.25.2019 TPG Software, Inc. and FIRVA Team Up to Address CECL

07.19.2019 TPG's Responsiveness to Changing Regulations and Practices

07.10.2019 WEBINAR | Audit Transparency - Level Yield Book Value Methods and Proofs

01.23.2019 WEBINAR | CECL Compliance Update and Product Roadmap for 2019

12.20.2018 TPG Software Announces the Release of the Updated Regulatory Care Kit for 2019

10.23.2018 TPG Partners with Best Credit Data, Inc. for Municipal Bond Pricing Distribution

10.08.2018 TPG Partners with ActiveViam Collateral Optimization

08.15.2018 TPG Software Adds Real-time DTCC Interface for Fixed Income Trades

08.07.2018 WEBINAR | CECL Accounting for Debt Securities

07.17.2018 WEBINAR | CECL Accounting for Debt Securities

07.12.2018 NEW TPG Tool to Automate Cash Flow Report Generation and Distribution

06.04.2018 TPG Offers Enhanced Fed Funds Trading Capabilities

05.15.2018 LIVE EVENT | Free Workshop in NYC: Simplify Your Investment Portfolio Management with TPG and ZM Financial Systems

03.01.2018 WEBINAR | Excel-based CECL Accounting Model and Bloomberg-based CECL Allocation Calculator for Debt Securities

02.02.2018 WEBINAR | Municipal Bonds Credit Allocation Estimates for CECL Accounting for Debt Securities

01.11.2018 Registration is NOW OPEN for the TPG User Conference 2018

12.13.2017 NEW! Clearance and Settlement Module for TPG Workstation

11.20.2017 Save the Date | TPG User Conference 2018 | April 16-17

11.08.2017 WEBINAR | New ePortfolio Functionality

10.18.2017 WEBINAR | CECL Accounting Update

10.16.2017 WEBINAR | Simplify Securities Reporting with BI360 and TPG Software

10.11.2017 WEBINAR | NEW TPG Business Intelligence Module

09.27.2017 WEBINAR | TPG Data Excel Add-in Tool - NEW Accounting Templates

09.14.2017 MARS Testing Framework Now Available for TPG

08.31.2017 2017 TPG User Conference Canceled

08.11.2017 2016-2017 SOC 2 Type 2 Report is Now Available

07.21.2017 WEBINAR | CECL Accounting for Debt Securities

06.02.2017 WEBINAR | CECL Accounting for Debt Securities

05.17.2017 WEBINAR | Accessing Your Data in TPG to Create Custom Reports and File Extracts

04.04.2017 TPG Partners with COMPASS Regulatory and Compliance Advisers

03.01.2017 Registration is NOW OPEN for the TPG User Conference 2017

02.21.2017 TPG Solution for Debt Securities CECL

01.05.2017 TPG Announces Strategic Partnership with Risk Priorities Inc.

04.14.2016 TPG Partners with TerraLedger for Distributed Ledger Technology

12.29.2015 TPG FR Y-14Q Securities Reporting

11.06.2015 TPG Ensures Compliance with Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) Requirements

09.03.2015 TPG Software Expands Analytics Capabilities With Leading Risk Vendor Investor Analytics

08.27.2015 TPG Software Expands Interface Offering with Fixed Income Data from S&P Capital IQ

08.11.2015 TPG Software Announces the 2015 Regulatory Care Kit

06.29.2015 TPG Software Offers FR 2052b and FR 20152a Is On the Way

06.05.2015 TPG Software Meets the Needs of an Evolving Marketplace

05.15.2015 TPG Adds Accounting Functionality for Multi-Currency Total Return Swaps

04.02.2015 TPG Opens Registration for the TPG User Conference 2015

03.17.2015 TPG Partners with Ferential Systems, Inc. for Derivative Trading and Risk Management

03.06.2015 TPG Partners with DBI Financial Systems, Inc. for Regulatory Reporting

02.25.2015 WEBINAR | How Bloomberg Data License & Terminal Complement Bank Treasury Operations | March 17, 2015

02.18.2015 COMING SOON! TPG Dollar Roll Module

02.13.2015 NEW! Interface to Thomson Reuters DataScope

02.11.2015 TPG Partners with The Yield Book for Analytics

01.29.2015 TPG Joins the Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions Program

10.24.2013 VIDEO BLOG | Numerix and TPG on OCC Due Diligence Guidelines

09.17.2013 SOC 2 Type 2 Audit Conducted at TPG

07.30.2013 WEBINAR | Upcoming Regulatory and Compliance Changes | July 30, 2013

10.25.2012 Seminar with ZM Financial Systems Announced for New York

05.11.2010 FHLB Topeka Goes LIve with Safekeeping Genius

04.30.2010 East West Bank Selects TPG Software

11.16.2009 FHLB Topeka Chooses Portfolio Genius

11.13.2009 TPG Welcomes TCF National Bank

10.14.2009 TPG Announces New Functionality for Portfolio Genius

10.02.2009 September 2009 - A Record Month for New Clients!

08.27.2009 Capstead Mortgage Company Selects TPG

08.27.2009 Apple Bank for Savings Chooses TPG

07.21.2009 Bahamas Mortgage Corporation Joins TPG

06.26.2009 WEBINAR | TPG and Actualize Consulting on Impact of FASB Changes for Debt Security Impairment | June 25, 2009

05.13.2009 TPG Addresses New FASB Requirements for Impaired Asset Accounting

05.08.2009 New FASB Guidelines for OTTI Securities

04.20.2009 WEBINAR | Bank Treasury Operations and Regulatory Changes | July 22, 2009