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TPG Alternative Rate Engine Overview of Bonds linked to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR),as recommended by the Federal Reserve



How we help our clients

  • TPG solutions include tools for:
  • Forward Scenario analysis
  • Impact of change from LIBOR based Securities in existing portfolios.
  • Real-time analytics calculations for compounded rates for SOFR, SONIA and other ARR as recommended Federal Reserve
  • Additional Term Reference Rates lookup tables for Alternative Reference Rates with a term structure.
  • Fallback language in user defined fields and attached documentation per position
  • Standardized workflow for fallback eventso Bond transition changes audit

Benefits of TPG Alternative Rate Engine:

  • Improves interest calculation accuracy and process workflow
  • Performs Interest calculations with non-business days and different calendars
  • Provides validation for calculations of interest accruals to third party
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Access to a mathematical formulas and data that are operationally challenging
  • Avoids discrepancies in compounding formulas and rounding conventions
  • Use of compounded averages provides full data and method transparency

Accounting System Considerations / Settings:

  • Number of days for lookback or lockout
  • Business Day Conventions
  • Interest Payment Date Delay
  • Day Count Conventions
  • Calendars Used
  • Fallbacks for SOFR Audit
  • Compounded and Simple Average
  • Negative Interest Rates
  • In arrears and in advance compounding capabilities

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