TPG Software has announced the TPG 2019 Regulatory Care Kit ( with focus on CECL for Debt Securities, which gives you the tools you need to address Credit and Interest Rate Risk, interest rate risk management, cash flow forecasting, and counterparty analytics needs for banks, thrifts and credit unions. TPG 2019 Care Kit's extract and reporting capabilities are designed to address various aspects of current and pending regulations, including CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss) for debt securities, DFAST (Dodd Frank Annual Stress Testing), CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review), and LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio).

According to Slavek Rotkiewicz, President and Director of Business Development, "The TPG Workstation, our bank treasury enterprise solution, is a comprehensive offering that incorporates a robust front-end interface, trade capture, accounting, data management, and risk analytics. Workstation monitors and distributes information effectively across the institution, and is deployable in a traditional client-server configuration or in a cloud-based environment.

The 2019 TPG Regulatory Care Kit includes:

  • TPG Workstation is the easy-to-use interface from which your TPG suite of products is accessible, and enables the use of custom workspaces and workflows.
  • Portfolio Genius provides investment management, accounting (including CECL) and reporting for both sides of the balance sheet, and handles agencies, corporates, mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, equities, as well as other-than-temporarily-impaired items.
  • Derivative Genius provides back office processing, accounting and support for a variety of derivative instruments including interest rate swaps, caps, floors, swaptions, futures, forwards and FX.
  • Hedge Accounting Module provides hedge accounting, effectiveness testing and reporting.
  • Pricing Module provides valuations, real-time simulations, tactical risk management, and cash flow generation using Numerix CrossAsset, as well as data feeds from BlackRock, YieldBook, Bloomberg and ZMFS.
  • Trader Module for trade entry and collateral management, provides the OCC Due Diligence Checklist and integrated risk framework.
  • TPG Document Storage Tool enables you to save due diligence documentation to specific records (i.e. CUSIP, position, etc.)
  • Risk Management Module provides real-time risk monitoring capabilities covering counterparty, market, credit, operational, and firm-wide risk via user-specified criteria.
  • Analytics Module provides the ability to stress portfolios using +/- 300 bp shock scenarios and supports automated interfaces to several third party quantitative analytics systems and sources needed for structured products, including Bloomberg, Yield Book, Moody's, ICE BondEdge, and ZMFS.
  • Cashflow Module¬†provides the ability to generate or import cash flows based on loaded vectored and/or user-input prepayment speeds for mortgage backed securities, and run multiple scenarios comparing cash flow projections under different prepayment speeds for both sides of balance sheet. The module stores all cash flows generated and/or imported to the database, enabling you to analyze data through reports and extracts.
  • Report Module¬†provides the regulatory reports required for banks (Call Reports and OCC Stress Reports, DTCC, OCC Due Diligence, Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio LCR 2052a, LCR 2052b, Volcker), as well as those required by credit unions.

The TPG system provides access to a broad cross-asset class of information for derivatives and fixed income instruments using industry-standard models, allowing full disclosure of the data, models, analytics, and risk measures.

Per Cory Sokoloski, Vice President of Sales for TPG Software, "Our comprehensive solution assists our clients in complying with complexities of the regulatory environment as part of their daily business process. The strength of our solution is that compliance is embedded in the TPG Workstation, reducing the time, effort and money needed to comply with regulatory requirements."

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