HOUSTON -- November 6, 2015

TPG Software offers the tools that national banks and Federal savings associations need to satisfy Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) reporting requirements.

Currently, TPG offers functionality to complete these required reports:

  • FDIC DFAST 10-50 - Baseline Scenario
  • FDIC DFAST 10-50 - Adverse Scenario
  • FDIC DFAST 10-50 - Severely Adverse Scenario

TPG manages and accounts for the AFS and HTM securities in your portfolio, including:

  • U.S. Government Obligation and Obligations of GSE    
  • Securities issued by states and political subdivisions of U.S.     
  • Non-agency MBS and ABS securities    
  • All other securities         
  • Trading assets            
  • Perpetual preferred stock and related surplus

For the balance sheet statement, TPG provides aggregates and detail for amortized cost, average rates for securities, wholesale funding, interest-bearing deposits, and trading liabilities. Declared cash dividends on preferred and common stocks as well as sale, conversion, acquisition and retirement of capital stock is also provided.

For the income statement, TPG provides net interest income and non-interest income and expense, realized gains/losses on both AFS and HTM securities, and all other gains/losses – including total OTTI losses. TPG also calculates maturities, calls, amortization, and prerefunded amounts.

Also documented are stressed cashflows (using Citi YieldBook for structured products, if needed) for 9 quarters forward.

TPG also provides documentation and proofs for our accounting methodologies to ensure amortized costs are calculated correctly

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