Houston -- February 13, 2015

TPG is excited to announce that the Interface to Thomson Reuters DataScope is now available!

The interface provides the ability to import data such as factors, rates, market prices, and CUSIP. Full terms and conditions data, including ratings and descriptive content, is available for each asset type. The interface also automatically builds a security master record with Thomson Reuters DataScope, one at a time or in a batch, and contains descriptive information, factor history, rate history, ratings, and collateral information.

Thomson Reuters DataScope provides terms and conditions for over 1.3 million US-taxable fixed income securities, 200,000 loan facilities, 2.3 million US municipal securities (1.2m live), non-agency CMOs, Asset Backed Securities, and 450,000 international bonds spanning all asset subtypes. DataScope offers over 175 proprietary analytics providing a full view of each fixed income instrument daily, including duration, convexity, OAS analytics, and yield calculations, and access to global ratings data from over 20 top agencies including S&P, Moody's, and Fitch.


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