Impairment Accounting, FAS 157, FAS 161, FAS 133, IAS 39, IFRS, Call Report, Hedge Accounting and Derivative Valuations

Houston -- June 25, 2013

"Impact of Accounting Methods and Practical Solutions for the Upcoming Regulatory and Compliance Changes" will be presented by TPG Software as a FREE webinar on Tuesday, July 30, 2013, at 1:00pm CT.

TPG will demonstrate its system capabilities and discuss changes to impairment accounting, and valuation of a bank's derivatives and regular portfolio asset and liability positions per FAS 157, one of the recent statements issued by the Federal Accounting Standards Board. We will also discuss upcoming regulatory changes to derivative disclosures (as required by FAS 161). Finally, a plan to move toward adopting IFRS standards will be presented and required system changes will be demonstrated.

TPG encourages those interested in learning more to register for this free webinar event here.

Free impairment accounting spreadsheet models, currently used by U.S. and Canadian financial institutions, will be made available for download during the free event.


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