Real-time access to the TPG Database

The TPG Data Excel Add-in Tool allows you simultaneous real-time access to Bloomberg data and the data in your TPG database. The tools is equipped with canned templates and TPG is in the process of adding accounting proofs for several of our accounting methods.

Excel TPG add-in ribbon

The tool provides the means to report and analyze real-time data through the familiar Microsoft Excel interface, greatly reducing training time and improving ease of use.

Benefits of the tool include:

  • The ability to augment your Bloomberg templates with real-time data from your TPG Database
  • Easy access to the database using the standard DoorMan Logon validation used by all TPG systems—there's no need to create separate macros or SQL Server users
  • Predefined templates enable quick retrieval of data
  • Direct access to system tables can be used to create real-time data dumps quickly
  • Audit view that provides access to the calculations used by the system, enabling you to audit and verify reported numbers are correct


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