Portfolio Management & Accounting Solutions

Portfolio Genius®, TPG’s flagship product, delivers superior portfolio accounting and management for both sides of your balance sheet with robust reporting tools to deliver information easily and accurately.

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Derivative Accounting & Valuation Solutions

TPG's Derivative Genius® accounting solution offers unparalleled back office support, as well as processing for a multitude of derivative instruments. Reporting modules offer daily accounting and sub ledger accounting entries.

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Safekeeping Software Solutions

Safekeeping Genius® provides for easy management and accounting in the daily tasks of maintaining customer accounts. Real-time processing solutions offer tracking capabilities of securities across multiple asset classes.

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Trading Across Multiple Asset Classes

TPG Trader® integrates trading across mulitple asset classes while providing front-to-back-office, real-time processing solutions.

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Safekeeping Lifecycle | Investment & Accounting Software

TPG’s solution, Safekeeping Genius, offers you a system to efficiently and accurately provide safekeeping services for your customers.

The Safekeeping Life Cycle
Receipt of Securities

How do I take receipt of securities?

Anticipated Payments

How are anticipated payments accounted for?

Collateral Monitored

Is collateral monitored in real time?

Delivery & Maturities

Are maturities handled automatically?

Fees and Reporting

How do I process fees and reports?

What Safekeeping Genius Delivers
Security receipt, delivery, and reconciliation
  • Receive vs. payment, receive free
  • Deliver vs. payment, deliver free
  • Automatically generate receipts
  • Simplified reconciliation with custodian
  • Vault processing
  • Multi location
Anticipated and projected payment verification, and advice creations
  • Verify anticipated payments with custody agent
  • Project payments up to 30 days out
  • Create custom advices
  • Post manual payments
Real-time collateral and custom pledge advices
  • Collateral monitored in real time for pledge and safekeeping
  • Generates custom pledge advices
Automatic handling of all maturities and calls

  • Maturities, calls, and corporate actions
  • Maturities handled automatically
  • Calls automatically fed into the system
Flexible fee schedules, extracts, canned reports, and billing statements
  • Flexible fee schedules
  • Custom fee matrix
  • Set different fee structures for different downstream clients
  • Custom DDA extracts
  • 1099 reporting
  • Generate holdings and billing statements