Portfolio Management & Accounting Solutions

Portfolio Genius®, TPG’s flagship product, delivers superior portfolio accounting and management for both sides of your balance sheet with robust reporting tools to deliver information easily and accurately.

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Derivative Accounting & Valuation Solutions

TPG's Derivative Genius® accounting solution offers unparalleled back office support, as well as processing for a multitude of derivative instruments. Reporting modules offer daily accounting and sub ledger accounting entries.

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Safekeeping Software Solutions

Safekeeping Genius® provides for easy management and accounting in the daily tasks of maintaining customer accounts. Real-time processing solutions offer tracking capabilities of securities across multiple asset classes.

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Trading Across Multiple Asset Classes

TPG Trader® integrates trading across mulitple asset classes while providing front-to-back-office, real-time processing solutions.

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Derivative Genius | Software Solutions for Derivative Accounting

Derivative Genius provides derivative accounting solutions as well as pricing and risk management of derivatives.

Derivative Genius provides matchless back office processing and support for a variety of products, including interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars, options, futures, and more. Its flexible scheduling capabilities enable it to support a wide variety of swap structures—including swaps amortizing and accreting by an index, and having any number of legs. Derivative Genius produces daily accounting and sub ledger accounting entries and counterparty payments. It comes with an optional pricing module allowing you to price your derivatives as required.

Derivative Genius complies with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and all formulas used in system calculations follow guidelines established by:

  • The Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) published requirements, including FAS 91, FAS 115 and FAS 133;
  • The International Swap and Derivatives Association (ISDA); and
  • The Public Securities Association (PSA), published in the Uniform Practices by PSA, when appropriate.

Transaction Processing

The system allows you to process on a daily basis or multiple days at once with positing aggregated. And if you mistakenly enter a transaction, removal is safe and easy. History and balance information is stored daily and is accessible at any time. Additionally, because all TPG products share a common database, you can effortlessly link the transactions entered into Derivative Genius with your asset and liability portfolio in Portfolio Genius, providing useful information for the related assets and their FAS 115 designations.

As mentioned earlier, Derivative Genius provides sub ledger accounting for all derivative instruments and counterparty payment processing. Transactions post separately for par values, accrual values, and associated premiums, discounts and fees. The summary general ledger postings automatically flow to the general ledger.

Data Transfer Capabilities

Derivative Genius allows for the use of ODBC- (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports) and OLE- compliant tools for efficient data access, report and presentation purposes. The application is compatible with Microsoft Object linking and embedding standards, and is equipped to send objects to or receive data from those applications. The Derivative Genius database resides in the Microsoft SQL server.