Portfolio Management & Accounting Solutions

Portfolio Genius®, TPG’s flagship product, delivers superior portfolio accounting and management for both sides of your balance sheet with robust reporting tools to deliver information easily and accurately.

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Derivative Accounting & Valuation Solutions

TPG's Derivative Genius® accounting solution offers unparalleled back office support, as well as processing for a multitude of derivative instruments. Reporting modules offer daily accounting and sub ledger accounting entries.

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Safekeeping Software Solutions

Safekeeping Genius® provides for easy management and accounting in the daily tasks of maintaining customer accounts. Real-time processing solutions offer tracking capabilities of securities across multiple asset classes.

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Trading Across Multiple Asset Classes

TPG Trader® integrates trading across mulitple asset classes while providing front-to-back-office, real-time processing solutions.

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Portfolio Genius and TPG Trader

TPG’s solution, Portfolio Genius, provides a comprehensive front-to-back office system that accurately handles all investment and liability securities, from trade entry to regulatory compliant accounting and reporting.

The Life Cycle of Trade
Trade Entry

What do I need to enter the trade?

Accounting & Portfolio Defaults Assigned

How do I assign accounting treatment and set up a portfolio?

Accounting Entries Created

Where does the data come from to process the trade and create required entries?

Subsidiary General Ledger Entries Made

How do I make subsidiary general ledger entries, reconcile them to general ledger and export results?

Reports Generated

What types of canned reports are provided—are they regulatory compliant, and can they be customized?

What Portfolio Genius, when Combined with the TPG Trader Module, Delivers
Automated trade entry and verification
  • Trade ticket templates facilitate easy and accurate trade entry
  • CUSIP built automatically using proprietary instrument templates and data vendor feeds
  • P & I verified and trade/settlement date entries made
  • Multi tiered user defined approval process to verify trade prior to acceptance


Templates allowing easy setup of portfolios and securities
  • Set up defaults in portfolio master (accounting method, FAS 115, security classification, etc.)
  • Instrument Master allows defaults to be set on security level (accounting methods, FAS 115, general ledger mapping)
  • Pledge and safekeeping location assigned
  • OTTI methods applied (optional)
  • Collateral assigned


Easy data import to support daily accounting
  • Data imported through interface to data vendor or spreadsheet
  • Cashflows, fair values imported and assigned
  • Book values and accrued interest calculated daily
  • Monitor collateral in real time for pledge and safekeeping
  • Anticipated payments verified against third party custody agent


Robust general ledger module
  • Accounting entries mapped to users chart of accounts
  • Entries verified and exported to GL
  • Cash auto reconciled to custodian
  • Balancing reports available
  • ALM and other third party systems fed


Comprehensive reporting module and custom tool kit
  • Provides more than 300 canned reports
  • Reports written in Crystal and MRS allowing for easy customization
  • FDIC, OTS and NCUA regulatory reporting standard
  • Accounting and portfolio management reports
  • Import/Export utility for data mining
  • Schedule report batching and processing as required