Portfolio Management & Accounting Solutions

Portfolio Genius®, TPG’s flagship product, delivers superior portfolio accounting and management for both sides of your balance sheet with robust reporting tools to deliver information easily and accurately.

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Derivative Accounting & Valuation Solutions

TPG's Derivative Genius® accounting solution offers unparalleled back office support, as well as processing for a multitude of derivative instruments. Reporting modules offer daily accounting and sub ledger accounting entries.

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Safekeeping Software Solutions

Safekeeping Genius® provides for easy management and accounting in the daily tasks of maintaining customer accounts. Real-time processing solutions offer tracking capabilities of securities across multiple asset classes.

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Trading Across Multiple Asset Classes

TPG Trader® integrates trading across mulitple asset classes while providing front-to-back-office, real-time processing solutions.

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Portfolio Genius | Institutional Software Solutions for Investment and Liabilities Accounting & Asset Management

Portfolio Genius, our core system, integrates with existing subsystems, processes transactions, collects data, and allows for the flexible distribution of data output in the form of reports and file extracts. You can view data at any stage of processing, from raw data to intermediate calculations to summarized output.

The core system provides:

  • Accuracy in accrual, accretion and amortization in conformity with the current Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for concessions on debt, fees, premiums, discounts and accrued interest (calculated using various day count methods, and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which become effective in 2012.
  • Accuracy in the maintenance, tracking and projection of the financial terms of fixed-income securities as related to principal and interest payments, coupon rates, rate resets, call dates, MBS and CMO factors, CPRs and PSAs, and maturities. You can base interest rates on a mathematical formula with embedded index, caps, floors, etc.
  • Advanced analytics providing total return, projected cash-flows, stressing the portfolio, and bond pricing using a matrix.
  • Automated back office functions such as: automated data entry, maintenance, business calendar maintenance, principal and interest payment calculations, and reconciliation.

Portfolio Genius manages and accounts for institutional investments from money market, (overnight and term fed funds, commercial paper, repurchase agreements), to long term as well as the liability side of the balance sheet, such as bullet bonds, medium term, discount and structured notes, callable bonds, advances, amortizing and convertible.

All formulas used within the Portfolio Genius system’s calculations comply with guidelines established by:

  • The Securities Industry Association (SIA);
  • The Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) published requirements, including FAS 91, FAS 115, FAS 115-2, FAS 133, FAS 155, FAS 157 and FAS 159;
  • The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) created by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, unless instructed otherwise; and
  • The Public Securities Association (PSA), published in the Uniform Practices by PSA, when appropriate.